Vik Muniz’s trademark style is to make art out of non-art materials. Over the years this has included food, so we were intrigued to see what edible masterpiece the Brazilian artist would send us. He says, ‘Although the unlikely combination of cheese and goiabada (guava paste) may sound like an eccentric gastronomic experiment, Romeu e Julieta, as Brazilians call it, is one of the most popular working-class dishes in the country. As a child, I always thought that Shakespeare’s characters were, in fact, inspired by this dubious communion between briny cheese and sweet goiabada. Just remember that Juliet is the goiabada and Romeo is the cheese.’

fresh white cheese, such as minas
guava paste (goiabada)

In Brazil, goiabada is usually eaten with fresh minas cheese. However, if you can’t source one or both, you could substitute quince cheese for the guava paste and ricotta salata for the cheese. Cut into squares to serve.