The art fair personality test: what type of Frieze New York visitor are you?

Are you a selfie seeker or a champagne visualist? Take our art fair personality test to identify yourself at Frieze New York 2023 (17-21 May)

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The art fair personality test: who are you at Frieze New York 2023?
(Image credit: Guy Bolongaro)

Beyond the all-important art, Frieze New York 2023 will be a moment for wardrobe triumphs, polished anecdotes and shameless peacocking, all served with a side portion of prime-cut art world gossip.

But in this tented ecosystem of back-to-back booths, price-less art, and the who’s who of culture that is a Frieze event, it can be hard to know where you stand. Fortunately, the Wallpaper* arts desk has devised a handy personality test so you can identify yourself. 

Who are you at Frieze New York 2023?

1. The champagne visualist

Art fair personality test at Frieze New York 2023 - the champagne visualist

(Image credit: Guy Bolongaro)

You love a nice bit of art, but you’re susceptible to Brain-Frieze (a state of bewilderment owing to excessive art consumption). Luckily, there’s an antidote: Frieze’s pop-up champagne bars, your first and final destination. 

Most likely to say… great art, where’s the Ruinart?

Wouldn’t be seen dead talking to… those who think art should be viewed sober

2. The scoop hunter

art fair personality test Frieze New York 2023 - the scoop hunter

(Image credit: Guy Bolongaro)

You'll be visibly armed with a notebook and pen (the Notes app won’t hold the same gravitas), a tote bag pledging magazine allegiance, and a look of furious purpose. For four days, this tent is the front line of the art world. There’s an angle somewhere, and it must be unearthed.

Most likely to say… anything ending with a question mark

Wouldn’t be seen dead talking to… an NFT publicist

3. The selfie seeker

art fair personality test - the selfie seeker

(Image credit: Guy Bolongaro)

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the art fair-est of them all? Two things are guaranteed at any art fair: 1) art involving reflective surfaces. 2) visitors photographing themselves in those reflective surfaces. Whether you’re warped, filtered, fragmented or overlaid with text, not only did you visit Frieze New York, you became the art and your Instagram followers need proof. 

Most likely to say… your Instagram handle, at an unnecessarily high volume

Wouldn’t be seen dead talking to… those who ‘don’t do social media’

4. The expert navigator

Art fair personality test at Frieze New York 2023 - the expert navigator

(Image credit: Guy Bolongaro)

You’ve got a physical fair map in hand and your route forensically planned. Each booth stop is timed (factoring in inevitable social encounters and champagne re-fuels). Everything must be seen; maximum efficiency is imperative. 

Wouldn’t be seen dead talking to… anyone who delays the schedule 

Most likely to say… as little as possible

5. The sartorial scout

Art fair personality test at Frieze New York 2023 - the sartorial scout

(Image credit: Guy Bolongaro)

On this unofficial catwalk, you’re just as interested in what people wear as the wares on show. Just be sure to navigate the tote bag politics; the Wallpaper* tote is a safe option (but we would say that). 

Wouldn’t be seen dead talking to… anyone wearing the same look

Most likely to say… who are you wearing?

6. The art fair lifer

Art fair personality test at Frieze New York 2023- the art fair lifer

(Image credit: Guy Bolongaro)

You’re the most seasoned of fair-goers. 2023 circuit to date? Completed it. You’re operating in every time zone, but still reeling from Seoul-induced jet lag and Frieze London afterparties. The booths are blurring into one and you’re walking around with Kusama dots permanently stained on your retinas. 

Wouldn’t be seen dead talking to… anyone quoting prices in GBP

Most likely to say… see you in Basel!

Frieze New York 2023 runs from 17-21 May 2023 at The Shed, New York.

Harriet Lloyd-Smith was the Arts Editor of Wallpaper*, responsible for the art pages across digital and print, including profiles, exhibition reviews, and contemporary art collaborations. She started at Wallpaper* in 2017 and has written for leading contemporary art publications, auction houses and arts charities, and lectured on review writing and art journalism. When she’s not writing about art, she’s making her own.

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