The art of drawing: Sir Peter Cook completes first ever building in the UK

The art of drawing: Sir Peter Cook completes first ever building in the UK

Celebrating the art of drawing – and teaching – the Arts University Bournemouth has just launched its brand new drawing studio, the first of its kind to be built in the UK in 100 years. 

The striking blue structure features the playful, organic-shaped volumes that form the signature of its creator; AUB alumnus and renowned architect and academic Sir Peter Cook and his office CRAB (Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau). 

The structure, purpose-built for the art school, will be accessible to students from all courses across the University. Its clean white and generous interior is flexible enough to be able to accommodate work by several different disciplines - from costume design, to architecture, animation and etching. 

Special attention was given to the room’s openings and the direction of natural sunlight. A large north-facing opening on the roof brings in the type of light that is traditionally optimum for drawing. At the same time, a rear clerestory window tops up with softer light from the back. 

’As an alumnus of AUB, I am deeply honoured that this University, where I learnt my craft, is now home to my first building in the UK,’ says Cook. ’The studio represents a fundamental recognition of the importance of drawing for all creative subjects. When it came to the design of the studio I wanted to ensure I created a space which all students, from all disciplines – be it fashion design, graphic design, fine art, or architecture like me – could make use of and feel inspired in.’

Highlighting the project’s importance, Dame Zaha Hadid is set to attend the official opening today. This inauguration also marks Sir Peter Cook’s very first built work in the UK.

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