Russian art collective AES+F designs its first house

Russian art collective AES+F designs its first house

Russian art collective AES+F have been creating their trademark large-scale video installations, as well as photographic and sculptural works, since 1987. Now, the group have not only turned their attention to architecture, but have also joined forces with one of their offspring, architect George Arzamasova, to design and develop their first house just outside of Moscow.

Comprising conceptual artists Tatiana Arzamasova and Lev Evzovich, graphic designer Evgeny Svatsky and fashion photographer Vladimir Fridkes, the group were recently recruited by Wallpaper* as advisory panellists for our Russian issue and also created a new video piece, ‘Reincarnation’- a still of which fronts our Reigning in Russia issue limited edition subscriber cover.

The new building was commissioned by photographer’s agent Vitaly Kalashnikov, who has known the members of the collective for about eight years. The house will be sited just west of Moscow in Opushenko Village and has largely been designed by George under the guidance of his parents Lev and Tatiana, who trained as architects.

Constructed from reinforced concrete, the house will comprise three floors with the five bedrooms all facing east on the top floor, apart from the master bedroom, so as to keep the morning sunlight out for Kalashnikov who is a late riser. Also included in the family home will be a gym, wine cellar, pool and sauna, along with a granny annex for Kalashnikov’s parents.

The structure is a relatively low composition of interlocking rectangular volumes spreading across multiple levels. Using a combination of strip windows and terraces, the authors are aiming to connect the life inside the house with the surrounding natural and built environment.

Energy efficient Schüco windows, natural ventilation and solar panels boost the house’s green credentials. With the building expected to be completed in the next two years, we’re eager to see the finished project.

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