Brilliant white: a Tel Aviv home stands out from the crowd

Brilliant white house exterior
Pitsou Kedem and his team have designed a new single family house in the Old North neighbourhood of Israel’s Tel Aviv
(Image credit: Amit Geron)

In a Tel Aviv neighbourhood filled with high-rises, a new residential property from Israeli architectural firm Pitsou Kedem lies low, but a striking, gleaming white exterior makes sure it’s anything but low profile.

Located in the Old North neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, the property was inspired by the 'English Garden' motif that dominated the area’s mid-century, often contiguous, homes as a way of maximising space in otherwise close quarters. But it also pays homage to a signature Tel Aviv style with its unique latticework facade, mixing concepts to create an intimate home with modern proportions.

Pitsou Kedem says that the two long bands of ironwork windows 'are in conversation, as it were, with the early International Style homes built in Tel Aviv, some of which displayed similar latticework that emulated freedom of form – rendered by indecipherable spatial division.' Key to the design’s functionality is the allowance for plenty of natural, patterned light, while still maintaining privacy.

The exterior of the structure can trick the eye – from the side, the low-pitched roof recalls the 'village home' style that was historically found in the area, but from the front this nearly disappears, maintaining the clean lines of a flat, modern roof.

Inside the home’s 300 sq m, the ground floor living area anchors the open-plan design. The rear of the house is encased in large glazed windows and sliding glass doors, and when opened, it’s as though the landscaped back garden (complete with pool) is a seamless part of the living area as well.

A floating staircase zigzags up one side of the ground floor, leading to the upper-level balcony and the bedrooms. Using glass alongside the stairs, as well as along the balcony that floats over the central living area, the transparency throughout truly adds to the feeling of indoor-outdoor living.

The project was led by Pitsou Kedem’s Noa Groman and features lighting design by Orly Avron Alkabes and interiors by Eti Buskila.

white house exterior with high rise buildings

The house is surrounded by high rises. The architect however chose to reference the area’s old ’village style’ homes, opting for a lower structure

(Image credit: Amit Geron)

white house exterior with white windows

The house’s low-pitched roof is only visible from the side, appearing flat from the front, creating a clean, white and modern look for the structure

(Image credit: Amit Geron)

ground-floor living area with sofa

Inside the home’s generous 300 sq m, the ground-floor living area anchors the open-plan design

(Image credit: Amit Geron)

white kitchen area

The perforation on the facade’s shutters creates a playful light effect inside, while ensuring the owner’s privacy

(Image credit: Amit Geron)

living area with garden’s landscaping

When the rear facade’s sliding glass doors are drawn back, the living space becomes one with the garden’s landscaping

(Image credit: Amit Geron)

white bedroom with attached bathroom

A floating staircase zigzags up one side of the ground floor, leading to the upper-level balcony and the bedrooms

(Image credit: Amit Geron)


For more information, visit Pitsou Kedem’s website

Photography: Amit Geron