Casa Mirante: Brazilian firm FGMF designs a stylishly functional family home

Casa Mirante: Brazilian firm FGMF designs a stylishly functional family home

The Brazilian firm FGMF Arquitetos – headed by Fernando Forte, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz, and Lourenço Gimenes – has revealed its latest residential offering, Cases Mirante. Hidden within a condominium complex in Aldeia da Serra, close to São Paulo, Casa Mirante is a vibrant, modern and highly functional family home, designed for a young couple with small children.

On approaching the property from the exterior, the house appears discreet and understated at first glance, but immediately on entrance, Mirante’s bright and spacious interior unfolds. Greatly inspired by South American modernism, the architects opted to utilise a patinated steel for the majority of the home’s structure, supporting it with the strategic placement of concrete slabs and stainless steel framed glass.

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The Mirante’s interior program was devised in two parts. First was the ground floor and the home’s entry point, and a slightly higher level which houses the property’s kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, living rooms, pool area and its accompanying balcony. The second section is subterranean, inserted into the sloping landscape of the site and containing a home theatre, wine cellar, guest room and an office accompanied by a balcony.

After entering the main living space via one of the home’s many runways, the large lounge greets guests. A series of small walkways connect the rest of the property and out onto the stunning infinity pool and balcony, which offers far-reaching vistas over the neighbouring lake and the surrounding picturesque landscape.

FGMF focused on implementing sustainable solutions throughout their design. Irrigation systems collect rainwater for reuse within the surrounding garden, the roof’s solar heating panels provide the home with energy and steel was chosen for the outlying structure, due to its low environmental impact.

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