When it came to creating this new Orthopaedic Clinic in Tokyo, Koichi Futatsumata’s CASE-REAL studio had the luxury of an unfitted out floor atop a new build structure in the city’s Minato Ward.

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With plenty of natural light, as well as fine views to the store-filled streets below and parks beyond, the Primary Orthopaedic Azabujuban Clinic could afford to be different. The district teems with foreign embassy workers, so the 34-year old Futatsumata’s team wanted to create a friendly, bright space without the institutional feel of its rivals; the clinical also specialises in giving sports men and women critical rehab and training.
The waiting space is swathed in coloured glass, with the rehab room beyond – ’an open space, like a gym’, according to the architects. You’re also greeted with a view of the sky as soon as you step out of the lift, a view that elevates the spirits.