Past, present and future: newly renovated Alfa Romeo Museum opens in Arese

Old Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese
Architect Benedetto Camerana was commissioned to revamp to the old Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, which had been closed for six years
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The man behind Turin's Juventus Museum and the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles has turned his hand to the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, near Milan.

Tasked with re-launching the objectives of the Alfa Romeo brand, as well as preserving and modernising the building, Benedetto Camerana started work in summer 2014, completing the project within a year.

Balancing history and the contemporary was crucial for Camerana – not only to reflect the evolution of Alfa Romeo, but to correspond with the requirements of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. The governing body asked Camerana to show respect for the dated – yet charming – 1960s structure.

Camerana makes use of the three original floors by giving them a corresponding brand point: timeline, beauty and speed. The 'beauty' floor is characterised by clean lines and uncluttered display spaces, reminicent of an old coach factory. The 'timeline' space features a giant, light-tunnel display in a glass atrium, while the 'speed' area, with its blackened floor, could be lifted straight from the racetrack.

The largest architectural change to the building comes in the form of the impressive ‘Romeo-red’ structure that stretches the length of the structure, resembling a futuristic exhaust-pipe. With additions such as this alongside the complete interior revamp, Camerana created an entirely new museum, without sacrificing the integrity of the original building.

Glass features heavily in the new interior

Glass features heavily in the new interior, especially in the 'timeline' space, which shows the evolution and history of this iconic brand

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Alfa Romeo RL Super Sport

Pictured: the Alfa Romeo RL Super Sport, from 1925 – the first car Alfa produced after the First World War

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider prototype

Pictured: an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider prototype, from 1955

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Most famous sporting hero models are on display

The 'speed' floor has low lighting and a blackened floor, reminiscent of a race track. Here, some of Alfa's most famous sporting hero models are on display

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The design-orientated aspects of the brand's history

The 'beauty' floor is light and airy, and celebrates the design-orientated aspects of the brand's history

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The museum also houses important memorabilia

The museum also houses important memorabilia, along with audio clips, video and photography

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The Alfa Carabo was a Bertone-penned concept car

Pictured: the Alfa Carabo was a Bertone-penned concept car created for the 1968 Paris Motor Show

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For more information and opening times, visit Alfa Romeo Musuem’s website


Museo Alfa Romeo
Viale Alfa Romeo
20020 Arese


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