The Haas Brothers’ super fun foray into jewellery

The artists and Jessica McCormack have collaborated on a jewellery collection and three jewelled sculptures

Jessica McCormack
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Jewellery designer Jessica McCormack and Los Angeles-based artists the Haas Brothers add an irreverent edge to fine jewellery with their new collection of bejewelled sculptures.

The witty, biomorphic forms synonymous with the work of the Haas Brothers are here interpreted in three Fairy Berry sculptures – set with diamonds, they cut other-worldly silhouettes. ‘We wanted the Fairy Berries to look strange and from another planet, but at the same time special and precious,’ says McCormack. ‘Creating the Fairy Berries definitely provided the perfect opportunity to just have fun. There’s a playfulness that’s at the heart of our jewellery collections, especially with this collaboration – and the sculptures really feel like an extension of that.’

Violet Femme

Jessica McCormack & Haas Brothers Fairy Berry, ’Violet Femme’, in hand-sculpted cermaic and set with a range of round brilliant cut diamonds

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For the Haas Brothers, working with jewellery was an exciting new challenge. ‘Jewellery is a completely different mindset,’ they say. ‘We labour on these huge things that are fun to look at, but to touch such a meaningful practice as jewellery making is wild. Having the opportunity to create something that could potentially live on someone’s body for the rest of their lives, or the opportunity to create a physical version of love, or intimacy and commitment – that’s awesome.’ They jumped at the chance to work with Jessica McCormack: ‘Jessica’s jewellery is beautifully chic and smart, but still effortless. And our world is kind of psychedelic; it’s cartoonish and strange. The collaboration feels like the perfect coming together of all those elements.’

McCormack agress: ‘Collaborating with artists was a first for me, but it has all felt very natural. I think we have very similar, creative brains that work in the same way. We floated around ideas and bounced a lot of sketches between us until jewellery turned into art. I’m so happy that I have had the opportunity to do this with them.’

The Fairy Berries sit alongside snake-like rings, earrings, necklaces and a statement cuff. Their twisting silhouettes, succinctly blending art and jewellery design, reference the brothers’ Bathy Bates piece of work – a bath taking the form of a droplet, frozen mid-splash. 

Designer ring

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Stylish ear rings

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