Sophie Bille Brahe often draws on a personal narrative for her romantic pearl and diamond jewellery, weaving a story through pieces in a sentimental and precious play on traditional design codes. Her new collection launched exclusively with Net-A-Porter, ‘Marguerite de Mariage’, continues this theme, taking inspiration from her brother’s wedding for her floral pieces.

pearl earring by Sophie Bille Brahe

‘I thought of the finest wedding I have ever attended, the wedding of my brother Frederik Bille Brahe and his wife Caroline Bille Brahe,’ says the jewellery designer. ‘Festive, ceremonious, and unceremonious at the same time. I wanted to create a collection that encapsulated Caroline’s wedding outfit. Timeless pieces that can be worn while dancing on a wedding night, yet right for everyday wear. I feel that this collection provides a modern-attitude aesthetic, and I’m very thrilled to be collaborating with Net-A-Porter for this exclusive collection.’

The nine new styles nod to both Frederik’s wedding and Sophie Bille Brahe’s earlier designs, which rethought the forms of flowers and ties. Here, pearl earrings riff off the traditional chandelier or edge studs in delicate pearl petals, playing with proportions in a juxtaposition of differently sized orbs.

pearl earring by Sophie Bille Brahe

‘Flowers have always had a special meaning to me,’ Bille Brahe has commented in the past. ‘When I was young, my dad would take me out in the garden of my childhood home, telling me stories about the flowers that he had planted. He would telephone me to say: “The blue Ipomoea is close to blooming.’ These little things had extremely big meaning in our family. I lost my father in 2018, but sometimes when I’m in the garden of my childhood home, I find myself having a conversation with him. He planted the garden and I hear his voice when I am with the summer roses in the late afternoon light – he never tired of the beauty of roses. I really believe that my father was my earliest inspiration.’ §

Pair of pearl earrings evoking flowers