Otiumberg and Hunza G’s gold earrings are set to be a summer staple

Otiumberg and Hunza G have collaborated on two pairs of gold hoops and one pair of gold huggies

(Image credit: otiumberg.com)

British brands Otiumberg and Hunza G have united for a capsule jewellery collection, with the three pairs of gold earrings destined to become our summer go-to.

‘We first met in London and were both customers of each other; the partnership grew naturally from our mutual love of each other’s brands,’ say Otiumberg founders and sisters Christie and Rosanna Wollenberg of the collaboration’s beginning. ‘In particular, we have always been drawn to the bold yet elegant spirit of Hunza G. From this, creating the perfect gold hoops to pair on the beach with a Hunza G bikini felt like the ideal synergy and natural next step. As [the brand proposes] – there’s nothing sexier than a bit of glistening gold on the beach.’

Gold hoop earring

(Image credit: otiumberg.com)

The brands took inspiration from imagery of the sea, the smooth surface of the ocean and the curl of a wave drawn in gold vermeil on recycled sterling silver. ‘We wanted to create the ultimate gold hoops for the Hunza G / Otiumberg woman – we always love how collaborating brings something fresh and new to the collection,’ the duo add. ‘The pieces are inspired by the soft flow of the ocean, glistening in a warm sunlight hue. These waves are imitated by the archetypal crinkle fabric, which forms Hunza G’s iconic swimsuits.’

The earrings – large and medium ‘Crinkle’ hoops and ‘Crinkle’ huggies – echo this fluidity, juxtaposing angles and curves for a fresh take on classics.

Gold earrings

(Image credit: otiumberg.com)

‘Both our brands are wearable and chic with a slight element of fun,’ the jewellery designers add. ‘Hunza G brings a pop of colour, and we add an edge to classic forms.

‘We both want to make you feel great without trying too hard, by designing summer staples that you never want to take off. One of our shared core values is respect for the materials we use, which we believe is the foundation of both brands.’


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