Misho’s new AirPod earrings are stylish and practical

Six new styles of AirPod earrings make being plugged in a joy

 Woman wearing airpod earring and also just the earring itself
(Image credit: mishodesigns.com)

When Misho released the first iteration of the AirPod earrings last year – one of numerous brands designing Airpod jewellery – we were instantly sold. Practical and stylish, they epitomised the simple principles of good design. Now, Misho creative director Suhani Parekh has built on this success with a host of alluring new styles.

Six new pieces embellish the original concept, from an ear cuff studded with Keshi pearls to looping gold designs, all created with fun in mind. ‘We wanted to bring a little bit of that summer holiday feel to your everyday city wardrobe,’ Parekh says. ‘A piece of jewellery that instantly brings to mind long afternoons on sun-kissed shores and tropical tunes. A lot of us might not have been able to make it to the beach this summer, so we created a piece that brought that feeling to you no matter what part of the world you are in.’

Woman wearing pearl ear cuffs with air pod

(Image credit: mishodesigns.com)

Misho AirPod earrings that are functional and fun

The functionality of the pieces is drawn into their design codes. The “Pearl Pods” are convertible, meaning they can hold your AirPods in place during endless Zoom meetings, before becoming pearl ear caps in time for after-work drinks. The section which held onto your AirPods becomes a hoop to which you can add charms for a different kind of statement look.

The designer was enamoured with the sculptural silhouette of pearls for these pieces, drawn to both their aesthetic and mythic history. ‘From celestial dew to Aphrodite’s tears of joy, believed to have been created by lightning and thunder over the ocean, or deep within the dragon's head and then hidden away between its teeth; the tales behind pearls are as unique as their forms,’ says Parekh.

‘It's what I enjoy most about working with pearls. We've used beautiful pearls in several designs through the years and wanted to bring their unique aesthetic to one of our most iconic designs, the “Pod” earrings.

Woman wearing AirPod with earring on it

(Image credit: mishodesigns.com)



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