Light box: Keenan Polich’s glass jewellery orbs

Light box: Keenan Polich’s glass jewellery orbs

Brooklyn-based architect Tyler Polich and designer Jessica Keenan are on a quest to understand the culture of jewellery ownership. The pair operate a small creative practice as Keenan Polich, bound by a shared passion for history and interiors. They’ve been working together since graduating from the University of Oregon.

Most recently, they were invited to create a contemporary jewellery box for Quiet Storms, a new concept boutique in Williamsburg that stocks a considered roster of contemporary jewellers such as Annelise Michelson and Sophie Bille Brahe.

Andrew O Hughes created the glass orbs

‘The Quiet Storms brand is all about duality, pieces that are strong but refined, so we wanted to incorporate that sensibility into our design,’ explains Keenan. Sculptural lighting by Mazzega Murano informed the look and feel. Comprising a blown-glass ball top (crafted by local artisan Andrew O Hughes) and a scooped, slip-cast ceramic base, Keenan Polichs’ elegant final realisation – available in five polarised colourways – could easily pass as a coveted objet d’art.

‘They will go to tireless lengths to perfect an idea,’ notes the store’s founder, Reshma Patel. ‘There is such wit and charm to everything they do. I’m already trying to think of another project for them to work on.’

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