Birthstone jewellery to enjoy in April and beyond

Enjoy our alternative edit of birthstone jewellery featuring April’s birthstone, the diamond

Birthstones diamond jewellery from Maya Gemstones
Maya Gemstones has fun with April's birthstone, the diamond
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Birthstones, traditionally thought to confer protection, have long brought a sentimentality to jewellery design.

April: The diamond

As the strongest gemstone, April’s birthstone, the diamond, symbolises love – making it not only an obvious choice for engagement rings but also for more off-beat and contemporary jewellery. With some jewellers opting for a more sustainable focus, with lab-grown diamonds, and others pairing diamonds with pearls, gold and a plethora of brightly coloured stones, the choices are endless. Here is our pick of the best.


Nomis diamond and gold ear pin

(Image credit: Nomis)

The diamond ear pin from Nomis is designed to be worn as a glittering spike through the earlobe in a rethink of the classic diamond earring. Pair with the ear oval, which loops around the ear, for a geometrical play on precious ear adornments.

Sylva & Cie

Sylva & Cie diamond earrings

(Image credit: Sylva & Cie)

Sylva & Cie jewellery juxtaposes unexpected cuts and embraces embellishment for dazzling statement pieces. These ‘Diamond Spike’ earrings unite pear-shaped and single-cut diamonds in a vintage-inspired aesthetic.

Caye Joaillerie diamond and gold ring

(Image credit: Caye Joaillerie)

Diamonds become precious play things in Caye Joaillier’s pieces, which celebrate fluid forms. In the ‘Dizzy Delight’ ring, three fancy-shape diamonds move as you do in a brilliant refraction of light.

Matilde gold and diamond earrings

(Image credit: Matilde)

By using only recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds, Matilde put an emphasis on creating jewellery which is as sustainable as possible. It is an ethos carried through into thoughtful jewellery design that features sensual shapes, such as in these ‘Tide’ earrings that elongate the hoop for a chic update of a classic.

Carolin Stone gold diamond ring

(Image credit: Carolin Stone)

Prefer a more understated edge to your diamonds? We love the subtle glitter of Carolin Stone’s ‘Hidden Inner Strength’ ring, which forms an undulating wave of hammered gold around a lab-grown diamond. With three gemstones of your choice hidden inside the band, this will make a chic gift for a friend with an April birthday.


Ritique diamond threader earrings

(Image credit: Ritique)

An unusual placement of diamonds gives hexagon threaders a contemporary uplift in the ‘Hex’ earrings from Ritique. With their angled silhouette and restrained diamond edge, they are an easy way into the diamonds-for-day trend.

Flora Bhattachary

Flora Bhattachery diamond necklace

(Image credit: Flora Bhattachery)

Flora Bhattachary explores unusual forms for edgy fine jewellery. By studding the spiky silhouette of an open star with diamonds in the ‘Taxila’ pendant, a classic motif is brought to life.

Maya Gemstones

Maya gemstones diamond pencil earrings

(Image credit: Maya gemstones)

The Out of Office collection from Maya Gemstones studs paperclip earrings in diamonds or coils rulers of gold around the wrist for a tongue-in-cheek ode to office attire. The ‘Pencil’ earrings, with a sharply pointed ruby tip, will set the celebratory tone upon the eventual return to the office.

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