Sparkling service: the front-desk name badge gets a precious makeover

Gold badge
Brazilian fine jeweller Andrea Colli created two unique jewellery pieces for the Emiliano hotel's new staff uniform, which was designed by Barbara Casasola. Pictured, brooches in 18k yellow gold, tourmalines, indicolites, diamonds and sapphires
(Image credit: Alex Batista)

This year, Brazilian fine jewellery designer Andrea Colli has realised the hotel staff uniform badge – not much changed since the 1970s – as a decidedly elegant and precious symbol. As such, her Brazil jewellery studio, Cocoon (see W*177) has created 'Collection Native' for Brazil’s new hotel Emiliano uniform, designed by Barbara Casasola (see W*212).

Comprised of two designs – a brooch for front desk staff and hotel stewards ('since they are the first to welcome guests') and a delicate headpiece – the jewels add a subtly luxurious touch to Casasola’s spare uniform. 'I wanted the collection to have a sense of place; to reflect where we are, so I looked to the exuberance of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest,' says Colli of her inspiration. 'The green and bluish hues of the leaves are depicted by tourmalines and indicolites, while diamonds and sapphires portray the crystalline dew drops on the foliage.'

Brooch in 18k yellow gold

Brooch in 18k yellow gold, tourmalines, indicolites, diamonds and sapphires. Fashion: Rogério S. See more of the Emiliano hotel here

(Image credit: Alex Batista)

The trigger for Colli’s design thinking behind the headpiece was the tendency of Brazilian native tribes to embellish the body, routinely in life and also in celebration for special occasions. That organic take is honed by the designer’s sensuous way with gold and an emphasis on linear, organic forms.

Then there’s the addition of precious and semi-precious stones – tourmalines, indicolites and sapphires were specifically chosen to offset the Roberto Burle Marx panel behind the hotel reception desk, also chosen for its green and blue colouring. A solitaire diamond at the tail end of the ‘leaf’ stalk imparts an unexpected glint of light.

'The jewels express the appreciation of local nature and culture,' says Colli, who is based in São Paulo, 'but they are also a symbol of the unity of our hotel community.'

As originally featured in the November 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*212)

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Brooch and headpiece in 18k yellow gold, tourmalines, indicolites, diamonds and sapphires

(Image credit: Alex Batista.)

Diamonds and sapphires

Headpiece and brooch in 18k yellow gold, tourmalines, indicolites, diamonds and sapphires

(Image credit: Alex Batista.)


For more information, visit the Studio Cocoon website


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