Megawatt: Ana Khouri debuts ‘Dichotomy’ fine jewellery collection

Megawatt: Ana Khouri debuts ‘Dichotomy’ fine jewellery collection

‘I wanted to work on the design first so that it is known, and then incorporate bigger gems,’ explained Ana Khouri at the Place Vendôme presentation of her latest ‘Dichotomy’ collection, that melds her sculptural signature with unexpectedly sizable stones.

With this fine jewellery offering, Khouri sought to unhinge the traditional associations of larger gems, styling classical pear-drop diamond earrings back with molten ear clips that grasp the contemporary bijoux category. Clusters of diamonds also wrapped the knuckles, while for the nape of the neck Khouri invested in statement neckpieces that have an organic fluidity imbedded in their minimalist simplicity.

Having spearheaded the original ear cuff phenomenon, Khouri has since been looking for new ways to adorn the lobe. ‘Pieces that look like you are sewing your ear,’ she said of her answer, sliding a curving gold design between two of her piercings. The notion ties back to her Brazilian upbringing, and the way this culture inherently sees beauty in everyday objects. ‘That’s the dichotomy,’ she confirmed.

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