There’s a modern piece of Spain residing in the heart of Miami Beach. Klima is a sensorial restaurant situated on a street off of Collins Avenue that blends the vibrancy of the outdoors with the tranquility of being indoors. Intimate and carefully designed, the restaurant is equipped with a cosy outdoor terrace decorated with rug-covered floors, a mix of rustic furniture and round rattan-covered lamps hanging overhead. Climbing plants and bountiful shrubs fill every corner, infusing the space with a peaceful, yet indulgent atmosphere. The relaxed ambiance continues indoors in the crisp dining room, where the clean lines of Vitra furniture bring a sophisticated, contemporary edge to the space. Owners and Spaniards Pablo Fernández-Valdés and Yago Giner Viscasillas conceived the Mediterranean-inspired space to reflect the modern cuisine of Barcelona. The 70-seat restaurant doles out culinary gems like fennel carpaccio, veal-stuffed pacchieri and local fish teradito to keep the adventure going.