The Café by Aman — Tokyo, Japan

Interior of The Café by Aman
(Image credit: press)

Aman’s first ever café is now offering a casual way to experience the brand in the middle of the Otemachi Forest at the base of the tower that hosts the hotel. The interior is purposely kept understated as not to detract attention from the surrounding area – an impressive 3,600 sq m forest with rich and varied flora that is designed to look and feel like an authentic Japanese wild forest – one of the reasons why Aman is here in the first place. Floor to ceiling windows allow diners an unobstructed view of the lush greenery in the middle of concrete-heavy Tokyo. Food is a nicely orchestrated medley of Mediterranean classics such as Niçoise Salad and Ribollita with a keen eye on using local produce and flavours such as Yuzu, Yamato Pork and fresh Hokkaido cheese. Be sure to also sample the fruity Junmai Ginjo ‘Aman Sake’ by Masumi brewery in Nagano only available here and at the hotel bar and restaurant.

The interior of The Café by Aman

(Image credit: press)


Otemachi Tower 1F
1-5-6 Otemachi