Bar and dining area featuring old road and street signs, exposed brickwork and industrial-style lighting
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Despite only recently opening within the historic Gozsdu Udvar arcade, this casual bistro is already proving itself a firm favourite with locals. Creative chef Zsolt Litauszki has devised a menu that offers high-quality street food made from scratch, including grilled chicken sausages and jacket potatoes heaped with fresh toppings. The bar, meanwhile, serves some of Hungary's best beers and wines. Collecting furniture from flea markets, warehouses and apple farmers, owner Roy Zsidai designed the site himself. He fused the concepts of old local pubs with New York bars, throwing into the mix the high-end feel of his family's 30-year-old restaurant. Exposed pipes and brickwork give the venue a raw, urban feel, which is reinforced by the young, vibrant crowd which arrives on weekends to enjoy the roster of DJs.

Kitchen area featuring chalkboard menus, brickwork tiling and an oversized clock

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