bedroom, bed with base and headboard with counter attached, lamp and seating chair
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One well-designed boutique property at a time, Thomas Cook is very quietly building the Casa Cook collection into an impressive sub-brand.

The newest addition is a minimalist’s dream. Conceived by Lambs and Lions Berlin and K-Studio architects as a low-slung village of modernist villas terraced against the side of a low hill in Chania, on Crete’s north-western coast. The 106-room resort is all sharp angles, encased in handsome grey stones and concrete, the edges visually softened by thick Mediterranean and tropical plantings.

The interiors by Lambs and Lions, in collaboration with interior stylist Annabell Kutucu, subtly contrast with the brand’s predilection for a midcentury vibe with natural earth tones, rugged stone walls cut with narrow apertures for light, and handmade cane furniture. Whilst some villas feature stone-lined plunge pools, the resort’s greater pleasure lies in the winding, green path that leads down to the sea. That, and chef Dionisis Pliatsikas’s Mediterranean menu including a poke of local fish spiked with Cretan herbs.

Bedroom with bathroom, kitchen space and sliding door

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Room with fan, stool bathroom, side tables and lamp, low hanging light fixtures

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View from exterior, step going into open sliding door of room

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Bathroom with shower, and sink, large mirror

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