Having welcomed much of the great and good of the 20th century and immortalised itself in the fabric of Munich society, one could forgive the venerable Bayerischer Hof hotel for resting on its laurels. But the lodgings - now under the leadership of Innegrit Volkhardt, the great-granddaughter of the hotel’s founder - have recently undergone a major remodelling, centred around its former breakfast salon. The new area includes an extensive outdoor seating area with panoramic views of the city, designed by the innovative French design studio Jouin Manku, while the new lounge and bar area now encircles an open fireplace. The entrance and roof garden are a dramatic departure from the original design, with sophisticated lighting elements dominating the entrance and decorated alcoves lending the space warmth and intimacy. Impressively, the bar area has been merged with the award-winning Blue Spa to comprise one large event space.