Maxie Eisen interior French 'buvette' bar with red top and mirror base
(Image credit: Steve Herud)

New light is being shed on so called red-light districts all over Europe, with edgy boutiques, bars and restaurants squeezing into tiny spaces next to the seedier, longstanding tenants. The neighbourhood of Bahnhofviertel in Frankfurt is one such example, where new venue Maxie Eisen sets out to merge the area's sordid past with the relaxed atmosphere of a French 'buvette' bar and the high quality food of a Jewish deli and diner. The restaurant and bar, which was named after a 1920s Chicago gangster with German roots and prominent figure in the Hebrew food organisation, seats a total of 55 guests and is designed by architect Etienne Descloux. Here, the classic pastrami sandwich is enjoyed sitting on Ilmari Tapiovaara's Pirkka chairs and Jean Prouvé's Cité loungers, surrounded by a Wallscape mural with a landscape motif, by art collective Bless.

Maxie bar with red top and wooden bar stools, mauve walls with brass wall lamps

(Image credit: Steve Herud)


Photography: Steve Herud


Münchener Straße 18