Room 304 in the Michelberger Hotel — Berlin, Germany

Hidden room or house inside a room
(Image credit: TBC)

Is it a house in a room? Or a room in a house? Taking the phrase ‘a home from home’, quite literally, Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel’s newest suite, Room 304, is an explorative and transformative space built to resemble a temporary house, and features the same layout and components of a modern residence.

A collaboration between the family-owned property and Danish architect Sigurd Larsen, the self-contained suite has a solid structure at its core, within which lies a bedroom, sauna and kitchen. The result is a playful, well-planned space that also includes Larsen’s clever interpretation of indoor and outdoors, where a garden is demarcated as the space beyond the wooden volume, and is overlooked by a second floor guest room and a large hammock.

For a setup that has been likened to a playhouse, the 50 sq m suite, also known as The Garden Room, has a decidedly grown up décor scheme. A pure and sharp aesthetic is heightened by the use of plywood throughout, while white walls interspersed with smoothed concrete and customisable connections — by way of a series of folding doors, hatches and windows — allow guests to customise the space and make it their own.

Hidden room with doors closed

(Image credit: TBC)

Entrance to bathroom in hidden room

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