Restaurant with black furnishings, dark wood and bronze details
(Image credit: TBC)

In French, BO can be an acronym for either bande originale (soundtrack) or bordel organisé (organised mess), but now it also refers to film director Luc Besson's new restaurant, launched following a successful pop-up venture during this year's Cannes Film Festival. Housed inside the studio complex la Cité du Cinéma, in Paris' northern suburb Saint-Denis, the 80-seat venue features a salon, lounge area, bar and communal table designed by interiors specialist Richard Letur Morel, who created a cinema-inspired space with warming woods, black furnishings and bronze details. Food is by chef Marco Faujour, who originally intended to cater to local members of the film industry but now has opened his menu to the public.

Restaurant with black furnishing, dark wood and bronze details with light bulbs hanging low over a bar area

(Image credit: TBC)


Cité du Cinéma
20 Rue Ampère
St Denis