PNY Marais — Paris, France

Unorthodox pink barred benches and fold out chairs
(Image credit: David Foessel)

It may come as a surprise that the Parisian dining scene would entertain something as simple as a burger joint, but given PNY has just opened its third outlet in the city’s Upper Marais - affectionately known as ‘Hipster Central’ - is proof of its success.

Owners Rudy Guénaire and Graffi Rathamohan once again tasked local outfit Cut Architectures to design the space, this time instructing them to channel a more girlie, 1950s American diner concept in pink. The result, still featuring the restaurant chain’s signature raw stone walls and rusted metal support beams, is a modern take on the brief with exposed pendant lighting and shared bench seating in confectionary pink and blue hues.

All of which is the perfect background for a tasty menu that includes vegetarian and salad options alongside the star of the show: burgers made with prime cuts of grass-fed beef, matured for three weeks and minced just before serving, accompanied by French fries made on the premises.

Natural vegetation hangs above tables

(Image credit: David Foessel)

Diner style booths with different textures and artistry on walls

(Image credit: David Foessel)

Exposed stone mixed with patterned paintings and display shelves with pot plants

(Image credit: David Foessel)

pink barred benches with large windows offer a view of the outside street

(Image credit: David Foessel)


1 Rue Perrée

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