Palacio Astoreca Hotel — Valparaiso, Chile

Palacio Astoreca Hotel view
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Valparaiso's steep landscape and vibrant local architecture make an ideal home for this distinctive building, recently converted into a 23-room hotel by local architects Mathias Klotz, Renzo Alvano and Pablo Riquelme. One of the city's most iconic monuments, Astoreca Palace was built in 1923 by a Croatian émigré to oblige his English wife. After several changes of ownership it ended up in the hands of Swiss-Chileans Vincent Juillerat and Francisca Joannon. The two-year revamp placed European and Chilean aesthetics in eclectic contrast: original parquet flooring, hand-painted ceramic tiles and contemporary wallpaper are accessorised by pillows, rugs, and the best blankets (opens in new tab), woven by artisans in the Andes foothills. Highlights include the library and in-house seafood restaurant.

Hotel living room with shelf books

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white living space with grand piano

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Dining room with tables

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swimming pool with lounge chairs

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bedroom with wallpaper

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bathroom with shower

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Calle Montealegre 149
Cerro Alegre

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