A vegetarian restaurant design.
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For too many years, vegetarian restaurant design has been associated with mismatched furniture and wonky floorboards. Not in Melbourne, where Sister of Soul pushes back against the rustic stereotype.

Architects Pierce Widera have created a pared-back space featuring textured concrete, stone and timber in earth tones. Attention is drawn to a single backlit stone circle and a strip pendant light. The bar, located at the rear of the room, is the only coloured element in the space, although its khaki green is a subtle nod to the natural offerings served by the kitchen.

Diners tuck in to plant-based dishes like green gyoza dumplings and Jack Black burgers made from slow-cooked jackfruit. There are also vegan cocktails, including a gin and tonic with orange marmalade and rosemary. An added bonus for the environmentally aware is the restaurant’s collaboration with local community gardens. It repurposes food waste and coffee grounds that are composted to grow vegetables and herbs.

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