Crudo restaurant inside view Córdoba, Argentina
(Image credit: Gonzalo Viramonte)

While quality food markets are a dime a dozen in Argentina’s Córdoba city, upscale ingredient-focused deli/restaurant hybrids are just starting to pick up. Ahead of the curve is Crudo, a project from a trio of young, local architects, Daniela Laham, Tatiana Rubín and Juan Agustín Gielis.

Located in Nueva Córdoba, a bustling centrally located university district packed with museums, bars and restaurants, the eatery is set over two floors: on the lower level, fully-stocked shelves and fridges display a variety of kosher, celiac, vegan and organic products, cold cuts, cheeses and wines, while in the upstairs dining room, Tolix bar stools and chairs and subway tiles in a fresh yellow and white colour scheme, provide a modern space in which diners can watch the chefs action from the glass-walled kitchen. ‘Our goal was to submerge customers in a route that would sharpen their senses. Where the search and experimentation became the key elements,’ explain the architects.

Chef Manuel Rodriguez serves up concoctions such as veal with Malbec syrup and chimichurri, served with potatoes sautéed in butter with herbs and fresh melon, cucumber and watermelon juice. The produce is all seasonal and all the ingredients can be purchased downstairs, before you leave, of course.

Crudo kitchen area Córdoba, Argentina

(Image credit: Gonzalo Viramonte)

Crudo interior view Córdoba, Argentina

(Image credit: Gonzalo Viramonte)

Crudo restaurant exterior view

(Image credit: Gonzalo Viramonte)



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