Oporto Almacén — Buenos Aires, Argentina

Oporto Almacén inside view with wine
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Off the beaten track, in a sleepy Buenos Aires neighbourhood, a new culinary hub comprises a restaurant, delicatessen, grocery store and winery. With interiors by local designer Horacio Gallo (the man behind such favourites as Tegui, Piso 3 and Fifi Almacén), the space brings back the traditional porteño canteen with a contemporary, laidback twist. The white-tile exterior leads to a ground floor, which houses the grocery-deli and restaurant. Separated by a glass divider, the space is warm and inviting with its untreated wood flooring, upholstered toffee leather seating and classic Thonet chairs. A raw-concrete staircase - a nod to an obsessive rationalist style - leads to the wine cellar and private dining room, in which 500 wisely chosen bottles are nestled in floor-to-ceiling shelving. The third floor comprises an open-air rooftop space, appointed with lush greenery and commanding a view of the neighbourhood. Food is a mix of modern, classic porteño dishes made from fresh, locally sourced produce.

Oporto Almacén inside view with kitchen area

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Inside view of Oporto Almacén

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11 de Septiembre 4152
Buenos Aires