An eclectic two-storey house desgined by Norwegian architect Alejandro Christophesen in 1927 has been transformed into a chic cultural destination to include a restaurant, publishing house, bookstore, flowershop and perfumery. Located in the leafy Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Palermo Chico, the concept is the brainchild of local entrepreneur Guadalupe Garcia Mosqueda, who enlisted the skills of London and San Francisco-based outfit Kallos Turin Architects to restore the property and design the interiors. The result sees the firm’s affinity for sleek, clean lines, plush materials and minimal accessories. As such, a moss green and grey palette surfaces through marbles, brass, leather and velvet, embellishing the already graceful high ceilings and original ornate detailing. With a series of influential names from perfumer Julián Bedel to florist Silvana Grosso and publisher Ana Mosqueda bolstering Casa Cavia’s credibility, the concept was always going to be a success; not least in the restaurant, headed by chef Pablo Massey, who brings his wholesome cooking from the still-popular eatery La Panaderia de Pablo, one of Mosqueda’s original ventures.