Energy efficient environmental solutions are hot property at present, none more so than with the motoring fraternity. With soaring oil prices and government backed initiatives commonplace, electric propulsion is seemingly the future.

See more of Renault’s latest eco addition, the Zoé Z.E
This realisation has sparked ferocious competition between mass-market manufacturers to offer the consumer desirable zero emission run-arounds. As such, French motoring monolith, Renault last month announced the Zoé Z.E - the first 100% electric ‘Spa’ concept car, part of Renault’s recently unveiled vision for a cleaner, more affordable future.
Having pitched not one but three all-electric concepts at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault is now honing its concepts for the market place. It’s all in the details, apparently. Not content with simply saving the planet, the car manufacturer has also collaborated with L’Oreal-owned skin care experts Biotherm to create an air conditioning system capable of hydrating the occupants’ skin while providing also a more traditional temperature control facility.
With over 50 years of scientific know-how in the virtues of cellular skin mechanisms and aromatherapy benefits, Biotherm’s automotive debut takes the form of cabin-mounted particle and toxicity filters, ensuring a crystal clear in-car atmosphere. Most impressively of all, Biotherm has also developed a dynamic system that can electronically diffuse essential oils dependant on driver mood - rousing in the morning, calming returning from work, and awakening while driving at night.
The Zoé Z.E’s green credentials are equally impressive. Renault collaborated with partner Nissan on the power source (Nissan’s own LEAF is coming to market at roughly the same time), with charge times at around 4-8 hours. A ‘Quickdrop’ rapid battery exchange will also be available, taking only three minutes after locating an appropriate energy station: the next big challenge is a logistical one.
The production version of the Zoé Z.E is expected to launch in 2012 - along with production-ready versions of Renault’s other conceptual designs. We can’t wait for our thoroughly efficient onboard pampering session, but also expect more brand partnerships at this burgeoning end of the market. As carmakers enlist sympathetic products and manufacturers to bolster the holistic impact of their wares, the roads of tomorrow could be a very different place.