Ovie smart kitchen gadgets: the future of cooking is in connected technology

Ovie Smart Tags from the Smarterware suite of connected kitchen gadgets
Ovie Smart Tags, from the Smarterware suits of connected kitchen technology
(Image credit: Ovie)

Ovie – a Chicago-based tech start-up – has come up with a hassle-free and innovative solution to the pressing environmental issues surrounding food waste, with its new product range of tech-savvy Smarterware. Launching on Kickstarter, the smart kitchen system consists of connected tags that clip onto your ingredients, alongside smart containers, that tell you when your produce is at its freshest.

The Smaterware Smart Tags are a tech toy that kitchen gadget fans will eat up. The micro-devices have a slick light ring, making it easy for anyone to understand the freshness of their food better. When it shines green, you know that your produce is fresh; yellow means that it should be eaten soon, and red indicates that it should probably be thrown out. The simple and recognisable categorisation helps the consumer decide what to eat and when to eat it.

Ovie Smart Tag with carrots, new connected kitchen technology

(Image credit: Ovie)

The idea is that the new food storage system will help to keep domestic waste under control while saving you money on groceries, and encouraging you to eat more freshly cooked food – smarter consumption means smarter conservation.

So far so simple. Another integrated level of Ovie’s connected functionality is that the system will send a reminder to your smartphone when the food is about to go-off, via Alexa butler bot compatibility. Extra incentive for budding tech chefs, the Smart Tags monitor what ingredients you have in the fridge and auto-scour the Internet for appropriate recipes. You’ll even have the option of ordering missing ingredients through the included groceries app.

Whether this is just another case of the ‘internet of things’ turning into the ‘internet of everything’ remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure – Ovie gives you all the elements of a smart fridge, but for a fraction of the price.

Smart Tags kitchen Smarterware, by Ovie

(Image credit: Ovie)

Smart Tags containers for the Smarterware kitchen, by Ovie

(Image credit: Ovie)

Smart Tags and Smart Containers for the Smarterware kitchen, by Ovie

(Image credit: Ovie)

Smart Tags lighting up the connected kitchen, by Ovie

(Image credit: Ovie)


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