Counter culture: Melbourne’s Moby 3143 is more than just a café

Dining area view
Melbourne's Armadale suburb is home to a new coffee hangout, designed to feel like more than just a cafe
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Tucked away in Melbourne’s affluent inner city suburb of Armadale, we find newly opened coffee hangout Moby 3143. However, as founders, Melbourne locals and childhood friends Christina Higgins and Stephen Svenson are keen to inform us, this is not just another café.

Moby 3143's highly designed interior took its cue from the building's pre-existing 1970s shell, with warm and welcoming dusty ochre walls and rendered ceilings throughout, courtesy of local design studio We Are Huntly, which is headed by Kylie Dorotic and Alicia McKimm.

Cutlery on the table

Punches of Tuscan pink and white mix with block teal for the interiors and table dressings

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Moby 3143's menu complements the Tuscan-themed decor. 'This is where Melbourne charm meets modern flavour,' Higgins explains. ‘It was important for chef Stephen Svenson to find a connection between the cafe and the activity of the kitchen. The dark green backdrop beneath the stairs frames and amplifies the kitchen’s atmosphere and theatre.'

Such culinary theatrics result in vibrant fare, forged from the pair’s diverse history. The Cordon Bleu-trained Higgins (who previously headed Ottolenghi's catering division in London) teamed up with the ex-Pillar of Salt chef Svenson to provide a menu filled with exciting, nourishing dishes.

A light and delicate citrus-cured trout is served alongside playful takes on other breakfast favourites, such as an ancient grain bircher topped with a blood orange and passion fruit crumble, and a delicious buttermilk hotcake garnished with vanilla bean cream. Cups of freshly brewed coffee come courtesy of local coffee roasters Five Senses.

furniture in cafe

Minimal yet expressive furniture is dotted throughout

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picture on Pink wall

The dusty pink walls boldly contrast with block teal tiled surfaces and throw-backs

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Exterior view of the cafe

The interior scheme takes its Tuscan cues from the characterful facade

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For more information, visit the Moby 3143 website

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