Memory object: Cinnamon Projects’ new perfumes capture different times of day

Memory object: Cinnamon Projects’ new perfumes capture different times of day

Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse — the partners behind the Manhattan-based creative agency Cinnamon Projects — did not initially set out to create a collection of fragrances. What began as a study in archiving inspiration images over the course of a year (a project initiated to treat themselves like clients after years of helping others define their brands), turned into what the couple titled Series 01. ’We simply cataloged images without an intention or end use in mind,’ explains Cinnamon.

At the end of that year, all of their gatherings (which they then categorised by the time of day each image was found, and decoded what they had) were translated into a collection of fragrances based on time. ’Our scents reflect our attempt to distill and translate image into an ephemeral, sensorial format,’ says Cinnamon, ’We discovered different hours had incredibly distinct patterns of color, texture and, especially, subject matter.’

Next month, the duo expands the Series 01 project, which launched last year with incense and incense holders, to include ‘The Accords’, a collection of five personal fragrances — 8am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 11pm — that evoke moments in daily life using subtle florals, like iris and carnation, and sophisticated, earthy notes like orris, cypress and oak moss. The portable, roll-on size of each Accord is meant to encourage the wearer to keep their fragrance on hand at all times.

’The core idea is to create objects that influence and hold experience,’ says Cinnamon. ’Since one’s sense of smell is most vital for influencing mood and recalling memory, The Accords were a natural starting point.’

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