Make light: Make's new Greek-inspired collection channels light and beauty

the myth of Endymion
Devoted to breaking conventional beauty rules, Make’s latest collection, 'Naxos', is inspired by the eponymous Greek Cycladic island and the myth of Endymion
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The New York beauty brand Make first caught our eye with their memorable debut collection in 2013. Founded on artistic collaboration through and through, Make’s early collections saw the British designer Faye Toogood team up with Ayami Nishimura, a Japanese make-up artist, to produce a collectible and design-oriented range of make-up that looked almost too good to use.

Devoted to breaking conventional beauty rules, Make’s latest collection, 'Naxos', is inspired by the Greek Cycladic island and the myth of Endymion, a shepherd so handsome that he became a paramour of Selene, the goddess of the Moon. The collection interprets the fable’s themes of light and beauty in an array of products that combat the environmental stress and skin damage caused by light, while enhancing one’s complexion.

Be it the 'Moonlight' primer that protects skin from harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light and infrared rays that are emitted from electronic devices; or the 'Universal Stick', which can be used on lips and cheeks to bestow a warm glow that appears to emanate from within – the Naxos collection is a gender-neutral range that fuses skincare and make-up with a modern, minimal approach.

The collection’s campaign suitably casts a modern-day Adonis in the spotlight. Shot by Vassilis Karidis, and featuring the make-up artistry of Rafael Pita, the images showcase clean, bare-faced looks that offer a refreshing counterpoint to the fully made up faces that comprise the 'norm' these days.  

the Universal Stick

The gender-neutral collection’s campaign suitably casts a modern-day Adonis in the spotlight, wearing a clean, natural look afforded by products such as the 'Universal Stick' (pictured right)

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Sculpting Lash & Brow Gel

Brows and lashes get a subtle sculpting with Make's clear 'Sculpting Lash & Brow Gel' (pictured right) – a treatment filled with moisturing and restorative anthenol and hydrolysed collagen

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Sea Salt Exfoliator and Marine Lip Repair

The collection also includes a Sea Salt Exfoliator (pictured top) and Marine Lip Repair (pictured bottom) that non-abrasively slough and moisturise lips

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Twilight Lip Oil

A dual-phase nourishing Twilight Lip Oil (pictured left) helps to remove stubborn lip colour

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From $12–$75. For more information, visit Make’s website

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