Homegrown: introducing Icelandic-inspired skincare brand Root Science

Root Science skincare bottles and boxes diplayed both lying down and standing up
Gígja Hlín created the skincare line Root Science to help combat aggressive skincare such as acne, rosacea and extreme sensitivity, with nourishing natural ingredients
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Organic and natural skincare can often get a bad rap, be it for less than efficacious formulations just for the sake of staying natural, or coming in earthy, homespun packaging that sorely misses the mark. Thankfully, Root Science, a newly launched, all-natural skincare brand out of northern California, easily evades both.

For founder Gígja Hlín Wesneski, creating the line has been the culmination of a life-long obsession to treat her own and her sister’s irritable skin. Acne, rosacea and extreme sensitivity were not only some of the conditions Hlín tried to combat, but also visible scarring in between periods of calm skin. After experimenting with different combinations of over-the-counter products and prescription medications, Hlín became fixed on finding nourishing, natural ingredients that would do the job.

Inspired by medicinal plants and traditional remedies from her home country of Iceland, Wesneski has packed each Root Science product with luxurious botanicals. Made in micro-batches and armed with a Californian craft sensibility, Root Science’s indulgent range truly yields results. The range includes a quartet of face serums (anti-inflammatory, balancing, anti-aging, hydrating), which each feature a blend of rich natural oils, an eye serum, an exfoliant made from rice flour, healing herbs and detoxifying clay; two powdered clay masks that bring herbs and vitamin-rich ingredients to cleanse and restore skin’s elasticity; and a buttery cleansing bar comprised of olive oil, shea butter and calendula flower to clean and calm skin at the same time.

All enclosed in elegant, violet glass bottles, which help to maintain freshness and potency, Root Science’s packaging truly does its contents justice. Even the boxes are printed with an abstracted mountain landscape, in tribute to its geographical roots. 

Bottles of Root Science skincare bottles on a marble shelf in between a silver pot and a pink pot

Inspired by medicinal plants and traditional remedies from her home country of Iceland, Hlín has packed each Root Science product with luxurious botanicals

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A display of Root Science skincare bottles and boxes

Root Science’s indulgent range is made in micro-batches and armed with a Californian craft sensibility

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Root Science skincare bottles and boxes lying down

Each product is packaged in elegant, violet glass bottles that help to maintain freshness and potency

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Products range from $20–$120. For more information, visit the Root Science website

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