When it comes to skincare, people will try anything to turn back the hands of time. We’re a bit more discerning, yet trying to weed the fads from the gems can be more line inducing than reducing. Thankfully, when it came to Jurlique’s new offering, we didn’t need to think too hard. The Australian label has used its expertise in biodynamic agriculture to develop a range of skincare products that targets the concerns of aging skin with efficacy.

Since 1985, this independent beauty company has made use of biodynamic farming practices to grow and harvest their ingredients at optimal levels. In addition to being entirely organic and sustainable, biodynamic farms consider the cycles of the earth and moon while seeding, growing and harvesting. Jurlique monitors its two biodynamic farms with great precision and attention, to ensure that the plants that are harvested show more hardy, fruitful properties.

In the new range, Jurlique has created a potent blend of biodynamic and organic ingredients to address the signs of aging, such as fine lines and discoloration. Made up of a serum, refining treatment, eye cream and night lotion, the formulas are based around a signature biodynamic blend: a composition of liquorice root, camomile, violet and black elder that brightens skin by combating redness and rebalancing dryness.

The complementary ingredients in each product are just as impressive: apricot seed powder in the refining treatment gently polishes skin without damaging the surface, while blue algae extract in the serum has a retinol-like, skin-firming effect without any of the usual irritation. Arnica flower extract in the eye cream helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles, while the night lotion is packed with beech tree bud extract to reduce the look of fine lines. Without the presence of a single paraben, mineral oil, artificial colour or fragrance, it’s all about the good stuff.