How to bleach eyebrows without bleach

Make-up artist Kristina Ralph Andrews offers tips on how to bleach eyebrows without bleach, as she did for our March 2020 beauty story

girl with short blond hair and bleached eyebrows with makeup by Kristina Ralph Andrews and photography by CHIESKA FORTUNE SMITH
Rouge Hermès satin lipstick in Rose Oasis, £58, by Hermès. Photography by Chieska Fortune Smith. Make-up by Kristina Ralph Andrews. Hair by Teiji Utsumi
(Image credit: Chieska Fortune Smith)

From the Mona Lisa to Madonna, invisible eyebrows have defined some captivating faces. While the impact is undeniable, bleaching eyebrows (and eyelashes) can easily feel like an intimidating commitment. So for those who want to create bleached eyebrows without the bleach, make-up artist Kristina Ralph Andrews is here to help. 

Ralph Andrews created the above faux-bleach look for our March 2020 issue beauty story, and its a trick she uses often in her editorial work. ‘Brows really shape the face, so it's fun to play around with removing them whilst being able to quickly bring them back,’ she says. 

Below, Ralph Andrews offers a guide on how to create the look, which can be adjusted depending on how dark or light you want your eyebrows to appear. ‘The effect of bleached brows can range from lightly sunkissed to total alien depending on how light you go. I love using bleached brows for shoots to give me a blank canvas to work with and completely transform someone’s face.’

How to bleach eyebrows without bleach


Eyebrow brush
Liquid concealer 
Translucent setting powder


  • Brush brows and make sure they are clean of any product 
  • Apply liquid concealer to the eyebrow hair using an eyebrow brush/disposable mascara wand, brushing through first against the hair and then following the direction of the hair to cover each strand. Do this in layers until you achieve the desired lightness. 
  • Once the hair is effectively concealed clean up any edges and lightly set with a translucent powder.


  • Try mixing a lighter concealer with a slightly peachy shade (under-eye concealer is best for this) to give the bleached effect.
  • Try to avoid getting product onto the skin underneath the hair and focus mainly on applying product to the eyebrow hair itself.

Allowing you to conceal and reveal your brows on a whim, we’re all for this look that’s peachy without the bleachy.

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