Spit polish: Foreo introduces new mini face brushes and toothbrushes

Spit polish: Foreo introduces new mini face brushes and toothbrushes

The Swedish lifestyle brand Foreo is probably best known for its collection of ergonomic electric toothbrushes, which launched in 2014. Made from flexible silicone and powered by sonic pulse technology, its Issa toothbrush offers a hygienic and effective clean that has won the brand fans all around the world.

What advocates might not have known is that Foreo actually got its start with a facial cleansing brush, which it debuted in 2013. The Luna, a rechargeable silicone device, is designed with four arrangements of bristles to cater to regular skin types. For example, bristles in a variegated, raised configuration offer more exfoliation prowess, suitable for combination skin, than a finer bristle size for sensitive skin. What’s more, the reverse side of each brush provides lower frequency pulsations that can be used to diminish the look of wrinkles while smoothing and firming the skin.

Next month, Foreo will also add one of two travel-friendly versions of its facial brush to the arsenal. The Luna Play is a pocket-sized, one-for-all version that offers the same cleansing and anti-aging benefits that the original brush provides. Thanks to vibrating technology, the facial brushes not only rid skin of dirt and blemishes, but its silicone head is considered 35 times more hygienic than a typical face brush. Perfect for those who want less of a commitment, this ready-to-go device comes readily powered for 100 uses (roughly about 1–2 months’ lifespan if used twice a day). The rechargable Luna Go, which will be available for the four different skin types, will be out in June.

Finally, the brand also takes a crack at the kids’ market with a line of child-friendly toothbrushes that help fight tooth decay while massaging gums for top notch dental health. Armed with a range of colourful shades and gentle pulsations that come in two speeds, Foreo’s Mikro brush will help to establish good habits for years to come. 

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