Rudolph Care skincare products
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The natural beauty revolution hit Danish soil in February when Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph founded Rudolph Care. A full-service skincare line, from make-up remover to anti-aging face oil, lip balm and body moisturiser, the Copenhagen-based beauty company harnesses the power of potent Acai berries from Brazil.

Granted that Acai is an ingredient that has been around the block, but we were won over by the label’s complete range and attention to detail. As the first beauty range to possess stamps of approval from both Nordic Ecolabel and the European body ECOCERT, Rudolph care has jumped through hoops to come into being.

Apart from carefully monitoring ingredients, production processes and packaging are all to the highest eco-standards as well. The line is also free from 26 allergenic perfumes listed by the Danish Environment Ministry and the EU and all sorts of other nasties. Even the Brazilian factory producing the Acai oil is eco-certified and works towards conserving the rainforest. In true Danish fashion, the line is concise, functional and beautifully presented.