In the world of cycling, trends fly past faster than Lance Armstrong on a Tour de France time trial stage, and this year Japan’s biggest and best bike show, Cycle Mode International, held on the outskirts of Tokyo from Dec. 11-13, ring-ringed the changes.
While the stripped-down “fixed gear” racing machines beloved of hipsters and speedy commuters are still in vogue, the newest look harks back to the earliest days of cycling, when ladies and gentlemen took to the streets on Sundays dressed in their finest knickerbockers and tweed. The most recent bicycle designs reflect this trend, with major brands such as Giant and Specialized turning out spiffy street machines boasting baskets, balloon tyres and plenty of panache.
Over 50,000 people rolled up to see the latest bicycles, clothing and kit, with 178 brands on display and seminars on road safety and bike maintenance drawing appreciative crowds. But most popular of all was the test track, where the public could take the rig of their choice for a spin on a course that stretched for a kilometre.