In the world of creative mixology, thoughtful presentation is often as important as the development of unique flavour profiles. Norwegian designer Runa Klock has come up with an interesting aesthetic twist for cooling cocktails and shots that also, conveniently, has the function of enhancing the tasting experience. 

Her collection of cooling Drinks Rocks are handcrafted and come in modern, geometric shapes made from soapstone and marble. Klock, who was working with soapstone for the first time, found that it is soft enough to be formed into a huge variety of shapes. She decided not to plan their exact morphology with preliminary sketches, but let the rugged coasts and breathtaking nature of her native Norway be the inspiration behind the primitive, crude cubes she carved. 

The rocks take the place of ice cubes. They are designed to be chilled and added to spirits to cool them while keeping them undiluted and tasting their very best.

Available in a range of muted, soft-hued colours, the different shades and shapes also help in distinguishing one person’s drink from another.