Botanical boutique: Naturopathica’s herbal remedies arrive in Chelsea

Botanical boutique: Naturopathica’s herbal remedies arrive in Chelsea

Homeopathy and its ilk has usually appealed to a rather specific type of person, but Naturopathica has been steadily bringing its holistic, all-natural message to a wider brethren in its 20 years of being. The herbal-based and healing-focused skincare company recently opened a flagship spa and boutique in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood to showcase its full product offering, along with a complementary selection of body and facial treatments, that couldn’t be more relevant today.

Already a hit and available through numerous spas across the United States, Naturopathica’s New York boutique seeks to provide an all-encompassing experience. Visitors to the airy, light-filled space will not only be able to peruse products as wide-ranging as cleansers, mists and masks, but also gels, balms and body oils that target ailments and conditions such as stress, women’s wellness and muscle relief. A remedy bar serves as an herbal dispensary, doling out a range of house-made herbal tinctures, premium botanical herbs, loose leaf teas and essential oils for therapeutic use. At the other side of the room, a vitality bar serves up a seasonal menu of tonic and elixir juice blends to combat inflammation, energy imbalances and immunity impairment, along with a healthier array of snacks and treats.

The premises also boasts six treatment rooms, where a physical reboot can be found in a wide range of facial treatments and body massages that are all based on Naturopathica’s wellness-oriented philosophy. A sensory and meditation lounge is also tucked deep within to help visitors reclaim a little bit of serenity before venturing out into the urban jungle again.

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