Barber Osgerby design non-alcoholic drinks

Barber Osgerby go full circle as the creative directors behind the packaging for the man who gave them their first-ever commission

Jukes non-alcoholic cordials in numbered bottles
Jukes Cordialities, designed in partnership with Barber & Osgerby
(Image credit: TBC)

In the hopes that dry January participants might be tempted to topple into sober spring, design duo Barber Osgerby have partnered with wine writer (and old friend) Matthew Jukes to create non-alcoholic cordials.

We've had our collective eyes on low alcohol alternatives for a while, but few look as chic on the shelf as the minimally-minded Jukes Cordialities. The brand launched late last year, but (perhaps because of drunk December), it's only just attracting attention. And as such, the design inspiration is coming to light.

Open box of Jukes 6 cordiality showing nine miniature bottles

(Image credit: TBC)

The working partnership between Jukes and the duo can be dated back to the early 1990s when Matthew engaged Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby as designers for his Chelsea wine bar, The Crescent. Thirty years of friendship later, Jukes hails the duo as ‘inspirational design colleagues', counting an early Barber Osgerby Loop Table as one of his ‘most treasured possessions'. The admiration is mutual: ‘We regard Matthew as the authority on wine and an ardent design supporter,' say Barber Osgerby.

From initially tasting the drinks, the design process took almost 18 months, weaving in oblique references to Barber Osgerby's broader creative practise. The box design and font, for instance, were inspired by the work of Irish graphic designer Alan Aboud, a long-time collaborator of Barber Osgerby’s, who also designed the logo for The Crescent. The satisfyingly cubic packaging houses nine miniature, self-pour ‘Cognac bottles’, which add a touch of theatre and ritual to the pouring process. They're a pleasure to hold (almost making up for the absent ABV). 

Closeup of Jukes Cordial being poured into glass of water

(Image credit: TBC)

White box of Jukes 1 cordial with one open bottle and one glass of cordial mix on counter top

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