Aëdle reveals its first wireless headphones, made-to-order in Paris

Aëdle VK-2 wireless travel headphones
Aëdle VK-X wireless travel headphones, in classic
(Image credit: Aëdle)

A new generation of bespoke listening products is emerging. We’re increasingly after unique, personalised experiences from our sound systems. As one camp of headphone designers makes its move towards the modular (spearheaded by Danish brand AIAIAI), another is breaching the high-end, ‘made-to-order’ world. Enter Aëdle, French sound design company du jour committed to creating hand-crafted, high-end wireless headphones in limited runs from its Paris studio.

Founded in 2011, the company pitches itself as a purveyor of ‘travel instruments’, as opposed to mere sound accessories. It emphasises the handmade, ‘from scratch’ quality of its product range, which includes a suite of in-ear buds, rustic leather wallets and matching calves leather cables. All of which are formed in the Rue Campagne Première atelier – a spot made famous by its storybook history of renowned former residents: Man Ray, Rainer Maria Rilke, Marcel Duchamp, Arthur Rimbaud.

Aedle wireless headphones VK-X

In the Aëdle studio, Paris

(Image credit: Aëdle)

For its new, noise-cancelling VK-X headphones (being crowdfunded on Indiegogo from 19 June), a $50 made-to-order service pioneered by the company allows clients to choose between several warm lambskin leathers (also sourced locally) and cool aluminium options, by receiving a swatch book ahead of their final purchase. Your pick of forest green, carmine red and legacy black wrap around the finely machined electronic workings, developed with French partners, hot from the city’s crescendoing tech start-up landscape.

Indeed, the sound signature rings true, no matter the shell you choose. Developed from the uncustomisable VK-1s, the VK-Xs feature two high-performance custom transducers made of titanium and neodymium, offering an immersive and precise listening experience; a well-tailored partner for creative minds (and beautiful outfits).

Aëdle VK-X wireless travel headphones

Aëdle VK-X wireless travel headphones, in classic

(Image credit: Aëdle)


For more information, visit the Aëdle website

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