Master & Dynamic’s new modular headphones can adapt to the whims of the wearer

Master & Dynamic launches the MW50+ headphone system
Master & Dynamic launches the MW50+, a headphone set configurable as both in-ear and over-ear. (Click to play)
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In an age where the lifespan of products is, for some, as short as a single year, we can get trapped in a vicious cycle of endless upgrades. Not so for loyal Master & Dynamic fans. The New York-based sound specialist has been providing high-end, luxury audio design since its launch in 2014, and combats the mass-market requirement of a needless upgrade with its timeless offerings, which can adapt to your changing whims.

At least that’s the thinking behind its new MW50+ modular headphone set, which embodies these core principles. Premium leathers and a stainless steel casing support interchangeable lambskin and memory foam pads, which allow the user to cycle between in-ear and over-ear configurations. It’s a simple but game-changing idea, that means you only need one set of headphones, that will work in a variety of settings. Pitched by founder and CEO Jonathan Levine as ‘a sound tool for creative minds’, the MW50+ system is designed to move with us throughout the day. ‘Now, for the first time, the decision is not about on-ear versus over-ear, but simply which colour.’

Master & Dynamic launch new headphones

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Custom 40mm beryllium drivers provide a richly detailed sonic profile, a noticeable mark above the industry standard with its uncompromising acoustic aptitudes. Meanwhile, a patented external antenna provides a connection range of 100 ft, whereas a speedy USB-C port gives 16 hours of power in a rapid charge time.

Modular headphones are becoming the must have tech item of the moment, with brands like AIAIAI launching its own contribution last year. At the treble end of the luxury spectrum, the MW50+ system provides a welcome – and authoritative – voice to the conversation.

Master & Dynamic MW50+ modular headphone set

MW50+ headphones

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