In the frame: standout designs from around the globe

In the frame: standout designs from around the globe

Ming the Marvellous
17 October

Showing for the first time this month at the Asia Now fair in Paris, the first in Europe dedicated to contemporary Asian art, will be an installation that reinterprets the traditional Chinese vase. Created by the Shanghai-based Studio MVW, in collaboration with Christie’s, the unique eight-piece collection, Blooming, is rendered in metal, but lacquered in blue and white and supported by geometric brass frames. Cleverly integrated doors, drawers and rotating components offer storage, while one vase unfurls into a playful pendant.

Asia Now runs from 18-22 October at 9 Avenue Hoche, Paris

As originally featured in the November 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*224). Photography: Rebecca Scheinberg. Writer: Rosa Bertoli

To infinity and The Broad
13 October

Yayoi Kusama and French porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud have collaborated to produce porcelain cups, saucers and platter sets for The Broad, in recognition of the Japanese artist’s travelling exhibition, ‘Infinity Mirrors’, which opens at the Los Angeles museum next week. The exhibition celebrates Kusama’s 65-year-long career, and the porcelain designs pay homage to the heart of Kusama’s artistic practice: her frequent use of mirrored rooms, and coloured dots.

‘Infinity Mirrors’ is on view at The Broad from 21 October – 1 January. Photography: Ryan Miller. Writer: Luke Halls

Pictured: ‘Infinity’ platter and cups, by Yayoi Kusama and Bernardaud, available exclusively from The Broad

Bear hug
12 October

We’ve discovered a new bear necessity. Called upon by Tuscan furniture company Edra to create a striking piece to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Italian designer Francesco Binfarè, a long-term collaborator of the brand, chose to address both comfort and climate change. His ‘Pack’ sofa references a polar bear lying astride an ice floe and draws attention to the environmental plight of the Arctic. Available in white and black versions (representing day and night), the sofa features a roomy seat with a backrest that resembles a lifesized polar bear. The seat is upholstered in a specially developed fabric that mimics icy textures, while fake fur covers the bear. We can’t think of a cooler thing to snuggle up to this autumn.

Photography: Jean-Pacôme Dedieu. Writer: Rosa Bertoli

Pictured: ‘Pack’ sofa, from €18,000. The sofa picked up a best product award at this year’s Salone del Mobile and features a fabric inspired by the texture of ice

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