When it comes to ornamental embellishments, we can usually be found lurking around the less-is-more end of the jewellery store.

Marc Monzó

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Working out of his Barcelona-based workshop for the past decade, Catalonian goldsmith, Marc Monzo has a rather unique foothold in the minimal-cum-curious area of the market.
Monzo’s Sun collection will this month be on show at Tokyo’s Deux Poissons Gallery. Featuring some of his most recent work, Sun is set to showcase Monzo’s rudimentary, yet no less accomplished approach to jewellery design.
Intricately paired-down with a pinch of peculiarity, Monzo’s current collection is a menagerie of geometric shapes, deceptive forms and downright bizarre materials.
With impossibly thin, Gold sheet pendants, cast matte aluminium rings and car-paint-coated silver brooches among some of the collection’s more unconventional pieces, it is easy to see why Monzo’s handiwork continues to be exhibited across the globe.
Pieces are not confined to the female end of the market either; Monzo’s partiality for the male brooch is impossible to ignore – his oversized diamond ring brooch is a particular favourite of ours, an ideal adornment for many-a-vacant lapel.