Draw attention: Pierre Hardy’s shoe sketches for Hermès

From jewellery-inspired sandals to ‘H’ motif sneakers, we hone in on the footwear in Hermès' S/S 2020 collection, illustrated by its long-term designer Pierre Hardy

Hermès Aladin mule sketch by Pierre Hardy
Aladin mule, by Hermès
(Image credit: hermes.com)

Pierre Hardy has been creating footwear for Hermès for three decades. His collections for the French maison bring contemporary twists to classic styles, new interpretations to its equestrian and silk scarf-swathed heritage, and revel in a riot of colours. For S/S 2020, Hardy proposed a range of men's and women's creations, drawing on the typography of the brand's logo, the graphic links of its ‘Chaîne d’ancre' jewellery creations (Hardy is also artistic director of Hermes' haute bijouterie) and its signature orange hue.

For men, think sneakers with ‘H’ motif details and sandals with translucent rubber soles, and for women, high heels in metal hardware or imagined in bold gradauted tones. Here, we draw attention to Hardy's S/S 2020 shoe sketches for the house, created in his idiosyncratically expressive, kaleidoscopic and chic slight of hand.

 Hermès Avantage sneaker sketch by Pierre Hardy

Avantage sneaker, by Hermès

(Image credit: hermes.com)

Hermès Audace heel sketch by Pierre Hardy

Audace heel, by Hermès

(Image credit: hermes.com)

Hermès Ariane sandal sketch by Pierre Hardy

Ariane sandal, by Hermès

(Image credit: hermes.com)

 Hermès Alba sandal sketch by Pierre Hardy

Alba sandal, by Hermès

(Image credit: hermes.com)

 Hermès Athenes sandal sketch by Pierre Hardy

Athenes sandal, by Hermès

(Image credit: hermes.com)