Fashion week, these days, is about much more than just the collections. Showmanship is the name of game, and in the meticulously executed sartorial extravaganzas, the soundtrack is an element that no producer can afford to overlook. Music royalty - past and present - is enlisted to ensure a full assault on the senses. Here, we bring you the soundtrack to the shows.

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Rick Owens


’Ice’ by Motor



Music production: Jeff Judd



Louis Vuitton


’I Zimbra’ by Talking Heads; ’Change Is What We Need (Tee’s Freeze Mix)’ by House of Gypsies



Music production: Frédéric Sanchez



Dries Van Noten


’Cymbal Rush’ by Thom Yorke; ’Cymbal Rush (The Field Late Night Essen Und Trinken Remix)’ by Thom Yorke






Junya Watanabe


’My Sweet Lord’ by George Harrison; ’Apple Scruffs’ by George Harrison; ’Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long’ by George Harrison; ’Wah-Wah’ by George Harrison; ’All Things Must Pass’ by George Harrison



Yves Saint Laurent


’Piano Player’ by Gill Scott Heron & Jamie xx; ’How Deep Is Your Love’ by The Rapture



Kris van Assche


You rascal you by Hanni El Khatib; Loved one by Hanni El Khatib



Remix by: Mode-F



Comme des Garçons


’Zazinthar’ by Unknown Artist; ’Amigo’ by Satwa; ’Myna Bird’ by Eden Ahbez; ’Withchi Taito’ by Harpers’ Bizarre; ’Pysche I’ by These Trails; ’American Dreamer’ by Maxxi and Zeus



Music production: Hells Kitchen






Maison Martin Margiela



’Horsefish’ by Amon Tobin; ’Culture Tunnels’ by Aronas; ’Music For Evenings’ by Young Marble Giants; ’It’s Alright’ by ESG; ’Toiler On The Sea’ by The Stranglers; ’Coco’ by Stewart Copeland; ’Steady, As She Goes’ by The Raconteurs; ’Searching For Mr. Right’ by Young Marble Giant; ’The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness’ by The Feelies; ’Freak Out Requiem III’ by Amon Düül II; ’Babies’ by Bon Iver; ’Too Much Of A Good Thing’ by The Troggs




’Run Run Run’ by The Who; ’King Of The Beach’ by The Wavves; ’Little Room’ by The White Stripes; ’Strange Times’ by The Black Keys; ’Babies’ by Bon Iver; ’Stay Up Late’ by Talking Heads



Music production: Reno Isaac





’La Belle Vie (edit)’ by Sacha Distel; ’The Hop’ by Radio Citizen feat. Bajka; ’The Trip’ by Vacationer; ’Sorry’ by Pupkulies & Rebeca; ’Filthy Love (The Shoes Remix)’ by We Are Enfants Terribles



Raf Simons


Excerpt from a composition created for Lucas Sponchiado by Frédéric Ameel featuring Oriane Leclercq; ’Half Asleep (chant)’ - Excerpt from a track created for Oriane Leclercq by Frédéric Ameel featuring Valérie Leclercq; Lyrics from ’Electric Light’ and ’Sheela-na-gig’ by PJ Harvey; ’My Head Is Slowly Exploding’ by Perc; ’Master Circuits (Noob Remix)’ by Jasper Dalhback; ’The Brainwasher’ by Daft Punk



Music Production: Frédéric Ameel






Roland Mouret


’Five Years’ by David Bowie; ’Sound and Vision’ by David Bowie



Music production: Mode F - Alexander Maxwell, Laurent Ballot, Nano de Clausel



Paul Smith


’Ohnono/Kiwembo’ by Andrew Bird v Konono No 1 and Sobanza Mimanisa; ’Schoolbell/Treehouse’ by Arthur Russell; ’Riot In Lagod’ by Ryuichi Sakamoto; ’Rubaczech’ by Burtn Freidman v Konono No 1; ’Eye Contact’ by Tussle; ’Inchworm’ by Battles; ’Tight As A Drum’ by Thomas Leer; ’Air Pocket’ by Roger Powell



Music Production: Peter Smith





Leonardi: Marina Sound; Mazzetti: Supermaxxx; Leonardi: Cosmik Adelante; Mazzetti: Funcky Jungle; Leonardi: Ethno Maraja



Sound Designer: Marcelo Burlon



Thom Browne


’Willkommen’ by John Harold Kander from ’Cabaret’; ’Milord’ by Edith Piaf; ’Mon Manège à Moi’ by Josephine Baker; ’Big Spender’ by Gemma Ray; ’Mon Dieu’ by Edith Piaf; ’La Vie En Rose’ by Marlene Dietrich; ’C’est Si Bon’ by Eartha Kitt; ’Non Je Ne Regrette Rien’ by Edith Piaf



Music production: Nano de Clausel, Laurent Ballot, and Alexander Maxwell of Mode F





’Your Highness’ by Parallel City; ’Thracian Plaim’ by Bogdan Irkiik; ’Take Me’ by Jimmy Tenar; ’Death Suite’ by Boys Noize & Erol Alkan



Music Production: Yourhighness